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Flowershow dailynews novembre 2015
Flowershow dailynews novembre 2015
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Faro introduced his new products

Piante Faro also know closely by the world market. We asked Mario Faro General Manager of Piante Faro about Turkish market and he indicated that they have ben working nearly 20 years and over these years their market is rapidly growing in Turkey. “We anticipated growth for the year 2016. Faro is producing 600 hectares right now. We think our production and our products play an important role for the Mediterranean region. On the other hand we do not settle for only landscape. We have very good relationship with Garden Center and supermarkets. In particular in tangerine family. We offer many new products. Our most important innovation is in this exhibition our topiary examples. Our round, square and fence shape trims draws a lot of attention. This is the first time we are promoting these products in Turkey. Comparing to last year, even though this is our first day of the fair we noticed massive growth. Turkish companies started to care more about quality rather than quantity, therefore Turkish companies products quality also seriously increased. I would like to say massive thank you to all Turkish companies currently working with us. Other than that we will organize the Radicepura Garden Festival in 2017. In this festival there will be a landscaping contest and a lot of participants will be taking place.”