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A conference and a masterclass at Radicepura. Acer magazine – July August  2015

The Mediterranean basin represents one of the greatest biodiversity and cultural diversity areas in the world.

Its territory and surroundings  are going over the geografical barriers  and is contaminating design, by orientating technological innovation and becoming a fertile element in other cultures. In Giarre (Catania, Italy) on October, 17th 2015, Mario Faro from Piante Faro and the landscaper Sarah Eberle will introduce to the auditorium the concepts of the international festival who will be held at the botanical park Radicepura and will coordinate these elements in an unique event, dealing with creative innovation.

The participants of this conference are Sir Tim Smith, co-founder of Eden Project, Pierre Dutilleux, senior landscape projects manager of the Private engineering office of Qatar, and Jordi Bellmunt Chiva, landscaper and director of the European landscape Biennale of Barcelona.

Also at Radicepura, in the Horticulture palace, Sarah Eberle will hold a free masterclass on October 18th, addressing to garden designers, architects and landscapers, a workshop for gardens immersed in a Mediterranean environment. The elements to take into consideration to involve the judges and the audience will be discussed, a practical guide, with project simulations for the building of a garden and how to choose the plants in order to obtain the best planting for the competition. Reservation requested, until places exhaustion (limited). Info and registration, until September 27th on

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