Felicità è progettare in libertà

is freedom
to design.

Architects, landscape designers, green space builders: smile! With Piante Faro, any project is possible.
Piante Faro means 600 ha. (1,500 acres) of greenhouses and cultivations, a production of over 800 species and more than 5,000 varieties of exotic, succulent and ornamental plants, trees, unique majestic specimens that are many hundred, and sometimes over one thousand years old, aromatic herbs, more than 30 varieties of citrus trees, search for rare species. And that is not all: each single plant undergoes strict sanitary checks before leaving the company, and our seamlessly integrated logistics takes care of packaging, loading and delivering the plants on time everywhere in the world. Set your creativity free, choose 45 years of experience and quality. Choose Piante Faro.





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