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Flowershow Dailynews Istanbul, November 2015
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Faro introduced his new products Piante Faro also know closely by the world market. We asked Mario Faro General Manager of Piante Faro about Turkish market and he indicated that they have ben working nearly 20 years and over these years their market is rapidly growing in Turkey. “We anticipated growth for the year 2016. Faro is producing 600 hectares right now. We think our production and our products play an important role for the Mediterranean region. On the other…

A conference and a masterclass at Radicepura. Acer magazine – July August  2015 The Mediterranean basin represents one of the greatest biodiversity and cultural diversity areas in the world. Its territory and surroundings  are going over the geografical barriers  and is contaminating design, by orientating technological innovation and becoming a fertile element in other cultures. In Giarre (Catania, Italy) on October, 17th 2015, Mario Faro from Piante Faro and the landscaper Sarah Eberle will introduce to the auditorium the concepts…

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Chelsea Fringe Catania Style I Love Sicilia – June 2015 Chelsea Flower Show is the international festival in London that has been taking place on May for more than 100 years, where all the trends and innovations regarding gardens and design are exhibited. Outside the festival there is Chelsea Fringe which has become, for this fourth edition,  the festival  completing this event. It also became international since its first participation in 2015, adding to the many English cities, Australia, Japan,…

The Fringe Show, the alternative garden festival from London has been released worldwide, and has arrived to the Ionian sea. My journey to the discovery of new faces, places and stories that stand for the name of Sicily in the world, can only start from this territory. Indeed, more than all the others, it represents perfectly this synthesis of excellence « Made in Sicily » in the fields of food and wine, hospitality and the beauty of the landscape. I am speaking about…

Confagricoltura, in Sicily at Giarre. An event dedicated to the flower and plant business exportation Faro’s nurseries from Giarre host today the third step of the national Italian Road show organized by Confagricoltura and ICE Agenzia to promote abroad and to internationalize Italian companies, dedicated to the flower and plant business exportation. Catania Today, July, 2nd, 2015   Faro’s nurseries from Giarre host today the third step of the national Italian Road show organized by Confagricoltura and ICE Agenzia to…

The theme is the cultural heritage and Mediterranean lifestyle that unites the peoples of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and SICILY, a millenary crossroads of peoples, civilisations and cultures that has re-elaborated a rich cultural, food, artistic, archaeological, architectural, museum, literary, landscape and environmental heritage.   The common space represents the meeting place for the different cultures and souls of the Mediterranean where there will be great collaboration among the 11 countries participating in the Cluster (Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Malta, San Marino, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro),…

Articolo Mondo Agricolo febbraio 2015
To the « roots* » of hospitality
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  The Anga Road Show is stopping in Sicily at the Family Faro’s Congress Center, at the Mediterranean park.   A botanical garden, a wonderful Mediterranean park, very active for the Mediterranean plants production and protection . Five hectares, 3,000 species of plants, the Bank of Seeds. But first of all an excellence center for researchers, green operators who can take some time to approach Mediterranean flora in an unique atmosphere in the world. This wonder is located between the…

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