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Chelsea Fringe Catania Style – I Love Sicilia – June 2015

Chelsea Fringe Catania Style

I Love Sicilia – June 2015

Chelsea Flower Show is the international festival in London that has been taking place on May for more than 100 years, where all the trends and innovations regarding gardens and design are exhibited. Outside the festival there is Chelsea Fringe which has become, for this fourth edition,  the festival  completing this event. It also became international since its first participation in 2015, adding to the many English cities, Australia, Japan, Slovenia and Italy with satellite festivals of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, the Etna area and Florence. In this perspective, Etna Chelsea Fringe was held last May, 20th and represented a moment still at an experimental status, becoming  the link between the botanical and panoramic compatibility of Etna with its technological, artistic and cultural capacity. The magnificence structure Radicepura, belonging to the Piante Faro group, was chosen to host the unique step of South Italy for this Italian Festival edition, characterized by the encounter with Ermanno Casasco. The visitors were guided by landscapers, international renowned globetrotters in a virtual tour of the Mediterranean world. Pietradolce Etna wines and the handmade “granita” of Andrea Macca, in-house Chef of the resort hotel boutique garden Donna Carmela of the Faro family could not be missing.

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