Felicità è avere tutto, subito

is having everything,

Garden centers, smile! With Piante Faro, all your wishes come true right away.
A 600 ha. (1,500 acre) nursery of greenhouse and open-field plants ensures a large-scale production of over 800 species and more than 5,000 varieties of flower, exotic, succulent and ornamental plants, trees, aromatic herbs and citrus trees. Additionally, the company’s three terminals take care of every step in the distribution process, from packaging to loading and shipping, ensuring that the orders are delivered on time anywhere in the world. Availability of a wide range of varieties, customized products and pots, specific labeling and bar coding, groupage options all over Europe. Strict sanitary controls are carried out to guarantee the health of each single plant, and 45 years operating in this sector give our company unparalleled experience.




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