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The theme is the cultural heritage and Mediterranean lifestyle that unites the peoples of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and SICILY, a millenary crossroads of peoples, civilisations and cultures that has re-elaborated a rich cultural, food, artistic, archaeological, architectural, museum, literary, landscape and environmental heritage.


The common space represents the meeting place for the different cultures and souls of the Mediterranean where there will be great collaboration among the 11 countries participating in the Cluster (Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Malta, San Marino, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro), with a programme of events related to the enhancement of the rich, biodiverse and prestigious heritage of the products of the land and Mediterranean sea.


A unique and unrepeatable opportunity to make known to the world the values of excellence and hospitality and theMEDITERRANEAN DIET, inscribed in 2010 on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as a lifestyle (from the Greek diaita), the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills and learning with which the peoples of the Mediterranean have created, over the centuries, a synthesis between the cultural environment, the social organisation, the mythical and religious universe around eating.


The Mediterranean Diet is based on respect for the area and natural biodiversity, and ensures the conservation and development of the traditional activities and trades linked to fishing and agriculture in the Mediterranean communities.


The Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster is the sign of identity and integration, with Sicily the historical, cultural and productive barycentre of a rich and authentic Mediterranean food culture and hinge between Europe and the Mediterranean, to build and promote a virtuous model of relations between institutions, enterprises and scientific research for the development and implementation of a major project, the Mediterranean Food Market.


The common space of the Cluster, intended as an open air laboratory, will be the place of encounter, culture, conviviality, marketing and discussion for the enhancement of the identity of Sicily and each country of the Cluster.


Sicily has a community role whose greatness in history is not written in the name of power and wealth, but in that of culture and its humanism, which are an extraordinary heritage for a new Mediterranean Renaissance.

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