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Sicily’s first garden festival takes root.
Sicily’s first garden festival takes root.
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The Telegraph – 5 MAY 2017 BY TIM RICHARDSON


The ominously smoking Mount Etna provides a dramatic backdrop for a new biennial conceptual garden festival in south-eastern Sicily. Radicepura, pronounced ‘Radeechypoora’ (the name literally translates as ‘pure new roots’), comprises some 14 show gardens created by an international roster of designers, plus several sculptural installations, demonstration plots and a nascent botanical garden (to be opened next year). It’s a fun show, with the gardens laid out on the hillside as a kind of labyrinth for visitors to explore – though preferably not in the heat of the midday sun. Sensibly, the gardens remain open each day until 7pm and there are night-time visits scheduled for the weekends.

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