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To the « roots* » of hospitality
To the « roots* » of hospitality
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The Anga Road Show is stopping in Sicily at the Family Faro’s Congress Center, at the Mediterranean park.


A botanical garden, a wonderful Mediterranean park, very active for the Mediterranean plants production and protection . Five hectares, 3,000 species of plants, the Bank of Seeds. But first of all an excellence center for researchers, green operators who can take some time to approach Mediterranean flora in an unique atmosphere in the world. This wonder is located between the Etna mount and the sea and is called « Radicepura », and this is the brand-new creation of the Faros. « Too many times – says Mario Faro, vice-president of Confagricoltura of Catania – garden creations are made improvising. Thus, moments as this one are very essential to promote a landscape culture with professionalism. It is fundamental that a farm company may know how to become more modern by diversifying its offer. Also, we have to take into account the social impact that this will have on those territories, as Sicily, with a devastated economy. And this is actually the region of Sicily that can promote an eco-friendly garden culture along with a sustainable development  for all the Mediterranean countries. And, especially at this time of crisis, agriculture can take new impetus. This is a sector where young people can find an employment, not as yesterday using only manual skills, but also ideas. »

Radicepura is an open laboratory where new species can be experimented, but also a cultural center, botanical tourism, able to attract many visitors. This magnificent frame is one of the national Anuga Road Show and #Filiereinteligenti stage, the process of coming together at Expo, organized by the Confagricultura’s young farmers in partnership with the youths of Federalimentare and of CNR. Subject of this meeting from which have been participating also teachers and students from hotel and catering school as well as agrarian school, « The new food processing industry company: between production and territory». Raffaele Maiorano , president of Anga  explained that all the production  industry must talk. The goal of this meeting is to provide an organizational culture to youths, but, according to Maiorano, it is important to “send to school” companies. The multifunctional company must be able to solve other problems than the ones dealing with its core business, thanks to diversification.  « Radicepura » is the example of a company that has developed to its best the concept of multifunctionality. The facilities to host conference and private events are located inside a center of excellence for researchers, green operators, that can dedicate themselves, in an unique place in the world, to the study of the Mediterranean flora. But not only, Radicepura with the room of Palmento, the horticultural park, the big glasshouse, all details carefully taken care of, is also  inviting for families, who can choose to immerse themselves in a Mediterranean oasis for a walk during their spare time.

*A pun indicating Radicepura, root being translated into Italian as radice.

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