Il vivaio. Qualità, in quantità.


The nursery. quality, in quantity.

600 ha. (1,500 acres) devoted to the growing of 800 plant species and over 5,000 varieties: this, in summary, is the production capacity that allows our company to meet all our customers’ needs. Medium and large sized trees, succulent and ornamental plants, citrus plants, shrubs, herbaceous plants, 20 to 300 year old specimens: whatever your request, we are ready to fulfil it. In detail:

  • Greenhouse plants: 40 ha. (98 acres) of greenhouses, 5 ha. (12 acres) of shade structures, and 1 ha. (2.5 acres) of 11m high glasshouse to host the most majestic specimens;
  • Specimens: over 20 hectares dedicated to the tallest trees
  • Open-field plants: hundred of hectares offering the largest assortment of Mediterranean and sub-tropical climate plants in Europe


Trees, succulent and ornamental plants, citrus plants, specimens. Greenhouse, shade structure and open-field cultivation.






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