Articolo I love Sicilia giugno 2015

Chelsea Fringe Catania Style I Love Sicilia – June 2015 The Chelsea Flower Show is the international festival in London that has been taking place on May for more than 100 years, where all the trends and innovations regarding gardens and design are exhibited. Outside the festival there is the Chelsea Fringe which has become, for this fourth edition,  the festival  that is completing this event. It became also international since the first participation in 2015, adding to the many…

Catania Today Confagricoltura 2 luglio 2015

Giarre de bulunan Piante Faro ,confagricoltura ile birlikte Road Show un misafirliğini organize ettiler , konu çiçekcilik Gazete Catania Today, 2 temmuz 2015

The theme is the cultural heritage and Mediterranean lifestyle that unites the peoples of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and SICILY, a millenary crossroads of peoples, civilisations and cultures that has re-elaborated a rich cultural, food, artistic, archaeological, architectural, museum, literary, landscape and environmental heritage.   The common space represents the meeting place for the different cultures and souls of the Mediterranean where there will be great collaboration among the 11 countries participating in the Cluster (Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Malta, San Marino, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro),…

Date: 17 June, 2015 Location: Padiglione Italia - Milan Format: Workshop CNR Departments involved: Social Sciences and Humanities, Cultural Heritage Thematic areas: Food and production Sustainability Coordinator: Marcella De Martino Institute for Service Industry Research​ (IRISS) In recent years, the Italian agriculture has undergone profound changes that can be summarized as follows: the direct management has become prominent in the farm and the increase in firm’s size has occurred with greater use of non-family labour, land management, and services outside the company. The concentration of farms in…

Green made in Sicily for the VIPs gardens
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11th MAY CORRIERE DELLA SERA   From the Louvre to the Athens and Sochi Olympic Games, from the Tunisian airport to the Hilton in Malta Here are some of the most beautiful places in the world embellished and decorated from the hands of the Sicilian experts...

Articolo Mondo Agricolo febbraio 2015
To the « roots* » of hospitality
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The Anga Road Show is stopping in Sicily at the Family Faro’s Congress Center, at the Mediterranean park.   A botanical garden, a wonderful Mediterranean park, very active for the Mediterranean plants production and protection . Five hectares, 3,000 species of plants, the Bank of Seeds. But first of all an excellence center for researchers, green operators who can take some time to approach Mediterranean flora in an unique atmosphere in the world. This wonder is located between the Etna…

Al Thani visited Faro
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Al Thani visited Faro Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, Emir of Qatar who has abdicated in favor of his son, Al Thani, Jr., made a visit to Faro's botanic park Radicepura, where he presented the Sicilian businessmen "Brand Italy", the first exhibition of Made in Italy in Qatar, held in Doha in November 2014. "It has been an honor and a pleasure to host the Emir Al Thani. It was an opportunity to make contact with the most important companies…

The garden of the future was born in Radicepura
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The garden of the future was born in Radicepura Sustainable, suited to tourism, the result of collaboration between various professions: it is the garden of the future, the main protagonist of the round table held in Radicepura. Here, in the beautiful scenery of the new reality by Faro, more than two hundred European experts, researchers and practitioners have gathered for a debate on the theme “4G model garden: which garden for the future?”. On “showcase”, the experiences of Tresco Abbey…

Studio Scannella_Catania_ Radice Pura
Which garden for the future?
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Which garden for the future? The gardens represent many cultural activities not directly related to gardening and to the realization of the gardens. Some of them have a strong "essence" expressing simultaneously space and time. The garden is a space "constructed", an environment created intentionally by men, a place "thought" and its result is also linked to the plants used, their ornamental character and their compatibility with the climate and the environment Each garden is unique, the result of the…

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