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Metrosideros Excelsa

Coming from Australia and New Zealand, Metrosideros Excelsa is a small evergreen shrub with large leathery leaves, usually gray-green. It flowers in June and throughout the summer, producing compact terminal buds of red, with many flowers 3-4 cm long, with crimson filaments (bright yellow in the variety Aureus) and golden anthers, feathery-looking. It grows quite slowly, but in the wild can reach several meters in height.

The Metrosideros Excelsa suits high temperatures that are reached in summer in the southern regions. It adapts to life in hot, dry regions, likes a sunny position, a very well drained soil, and completely free of stagnant water, even stony. In mild climates it is possible placement in contexts of urban green spaces and parks and gardens, as a single specimen or in hedges and borders. Protect from frost instead: it can withstand mild frosts.


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