We are a Sicilian company and a leader in the international industry of professional horticulture.
We specialise in producing and supplying Mediterranean, subtropical, and arid climate plants.
We manage each project through individually designed actions and services.


In 2020, we celebrated our 50th anniversary: a milestone which for us represents a new point of departure on our chosen route, continually evolving the way we are and how we do business.

“Fifty years of work are a long road to travel.
This achievement serves to remind me how much my family and I have invested, and the passion that has guided every one of our steps, it reminds me of the land that hosts us, because if today we are a world excellence, we owe it to the land, for having taught us so much, for the respect and faith it has in us. This achievement reminds me of the people who have always pitched in – people without whom I would never have gotten far.
I am proud and grateful that what we have today is the result of the teamwork, initiative, dedication, and expertise of so many.
But there is always room for improvement. We are therefore happy with this achievement, but this is just another step towards what my idea of the future has always been. This means that I was quite right to choose this path, the future I saw then was in the nature that surrounded me, nature that I have always loved and respected. The nature of my Sicily.”

Cav. Venerando Faro

TIMELINE 1970/2022

1970 – Piante Faro was founded by Venerando Faro, with a surface of 600 sq. m
1981 – The production site in Carruba di Riposto (CT) was opened
1987 – Mediterranea Piante, company specialising in palm trees, was established
1989 – First productive settlement in the open field was established in Contrada Sigona (SR)
1998 – Inauguration of the new offices in Praiola, new settlement bringing the total company surface area to 160 hectares
2000 – Botanica, our company specialised in the production of young plants, was established
2002 – Nasce Botanica, la nostra azienda specializzata in giovani piante
2003 – Faro Garden Center, our retail sales point, opens
2003 – CONFLAJ, a new consortium for green and ecology services is set up
2006 – Opening of Pietradolce winery and cellars

TIMELINE 1970/2020

2008 – DonnaCarmela Resort & Lodges opens its doors
2009 – Inauguration new showroom and headquarters over a surface of 600 hectares
2010 – Radicepura horticultural park is established
2013 – Venerando Faro is appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Italian Republic
2014 – Opening of the Certified Citrus Trees nursery
2015 – Punto Faro Cash&Carry is opened
2016 – Inauguration Fondazione Radicepura
2016 – Don Venerando is opened, true Sicilian hospitality
2017 – Radicepura Garden Festival 1° Edition
2020 – Celebrate our 50th anniversary, with 650 hectares of nursery gardens exporting to 60 countries
2022 – Honoris Causa Degree in Agricultural Science, University of Catania, to Mr. Venerando Faro


People are our main resource and without them the path that Piante Faro has followed in these 50 years would not have been possible. Cav. Venerando Faro, our founder, is the beginning of everything; the man who transformed an idea into the business reality which today occupies a place as one of the most important firms in Europe in its sector. His idea of doing business took root in the Sicilian territory and he shared it firstly with family: his wife Carmela and their sons Mario and Michele, who today work with him in the running of the various companies within the group.

Agronomists, production managers, wine experts and administrators, sales, and quality control personnel. Those in the logistics, marketing, export and purchasing departments. Receptionists, workers, tourism experts, communicators and festival or event organizers. Every single person, every professional is an ambassador for our passion and our philosophy: always do better and make the most of the enormous potential of our territory.


Piante Faro is the parent company of a group of independent Sicilian firms which complement its business philosophy. The values that we all share are love for the environment, respect for nature, job creation opportunities and commitment to sustainability.


Specialized in projects, activities and
services dedicated to the production
and supply of Mediterranean,
subtropical, and arid climate plants.

The Garden Center/cash and carry where you
can buy over 4000 varieties of plants,
gardening tools and accessories.

This company has specialised for over 20 years in the production of palm trees and medium/ large plants. This firm is the result of the close relationship between two families, which is passed down from one generation to another.

A consortium that gathers the most important
horticultural companies, in order to promote
issues such as the protection of biodiversity
and the natural environment.

Our germplasm bank was created in 2002 to
produce young plants and propagation materials.
The parent plant field extends for 2 hectares
and provides our companies with unlimited
productive resources.

Leading nursery in Tunisia specialising in Mediterranean plants. A business reality based on trust and entrepreneurship that we have forged with our Tunisian partner.


The horticultural park and an extraordinary
location for events, meetings and festivals.

A foundation at the service of the culture
of the landscape, the Mediterranean
environment, and the safeguarding of biodiversity.

An international exhibition dedicated to garden design and Mediterranean green architecture that involves the major protagonists of landscape, art, and architecture.


The family winery with a vineyard on
the northern side of Mount Etna which
boasts the production of excellent
Etna wines recognised as DOC.

A resort that best represents the Sicilian
hospitality in the heart of Piante Faro nursery.

The culture of hospitality in its most
refined and sophisticated form.