Imagine a plant that meets your individual needs: we will produce it and grow it for you! We will supply you with the number of plants that you need, in the pots that you choose with all your favourite features.


Customised varieties, dedicated to unique and special projects: these are our tailor-grown plants, they differ from our standard lines in some particular features, corresponding to the requests of our most creative and demanding clients.

Untrimmed trees with an open-grown crown and natural branching structure, plants growing to predetermined length and dimension. We transform the ideas of landscapers and architects into reality thanks to our production process which allows us – in line with the times and manner agreed – to obtain the perfect and exclusive final result.

Contact us and submit your ideas: we will be glad to discuss them and work together to get the best result for your project.


Ficus nitida (Indian Laurel) for Apple.
From the unconventional dimensions of the clump, to the specific pruning techniques and the acclimatization in greenhouses we have produced ad-hoc plants which will take root in the shops of Paris, Dubai, Istanbul and other cities.

Erythrina cristagalli for James Basson in the garden of Royal Hashemite Court of Giordania.
Specimens of this variety were produced for an important project in Aqaba.

Pistacia lentiscus for Niarchos foundation in Athens
We provided non-standard plants of 3-4 metres height: a task that we successfully completed to our great satisfaction.

The uniqueness of the Olea europaea trees (Common olive)
As a result of our celebration of the ancient Sicilian art of topiary, we produced one-of-a-kind plants for unique gardens.