We produce more than 5000 varieties of Mediterranean plants in nurseries which cover 600+ hectares and we will ship them to wherever you want. From the seeds to the delivery, we control every stage of the supply process, a true value chain.

600 hectares under cultivation, 50 hectares of greenhouses, 20 hectares of shade houses, 330 hectares of plants in pots, 200 hectares of open field: these are the numbers of our nurseries, the places where we grow more than 800 plant species, 80 species of trees, over 80 varieties of palms and hundreds of citrus trees, shrubs, hardy trees, bamboos, cacti, flowers, ornamental plants, or varieties suitable for arid climates.
In addition, we have over 3000 parent plants which continuously produce seeds and cuttings. A key asset for Piante Faro which is currently the only Italian company to own a dedicated area for this type of production and allowing us to obtain and ensure a certified supply chain.

Thousands of plants are ready to be delivered all over the world. From majestic trees to herb plants, from citrus for industrial production to palm trees for residential projects, our nurseries are a true INCUBATOR of biodiversity.

Our 3000 sqm showroom in Giarre, displays all our production.


We have two cutting-edge laboratories where we carry out the thorough testing that guarantees the good health of our plants.

The first laboratory looks for and diagnoses the various problems which are likely to arise in the nursery and also checks the health of plant specimens before each shipment. Here, regular checks on plant health are carried out to prevent plants from spreading diseases, fungi, bacteria, and parasites. This procedure ensures that we ship healthy, strong plants to our customers.

The second laboratory is used for the micropropagation, which is the in vitro multiplication of plants. It is a process that utilizes small pieces of plant tissue to reproduce the same variety thousands of times. Different propagation protocols enable us to produce different plant varieties on a vast scale while respecting phytosanitary safety.

Our centralised computer system allows us to track every single plant, so that we can always access information for the whole production cycle, the agronomic practices and every test carried out in the laboratory.


Situated between the towns of Giarre and Riposto, our headquarters house 2000 sq. m of office space, an 8000 sq. m logistics department, and a space of 26.000 sq. m which is home to warehousing, the management centre, a vehicle park and 3 terminals of 4000 sq. m. It is here that we receive orders and prepare shipments by road, sea, or air to Italy and to over 60 countries across the world.

Packaging and Shipping. The excellence of our plants is matched by our attention to details in shipment: we pride ourselves on our expertise in production, logistics and distribution procedures, keeping up to date on the requirements of individual countries regarding the import of plants and plant material and ensuring that we have the correct paperwork and tests in place. From growing through packing to transport, we oversee each process from beginning to end.

Countries we export to. Ireland – Portugal – Morocco – Spain – Great Britain – Belgium – Algeria – France – Switzerland – Tunisia – Equatorial Guinea – Denmark – Germany – Austria – Malta – Croatia – Sweden – Norway – Finland – Poland – Syria – Eritrea – Madagascar – Angola – Saudi Arabia – Georgia – Iraq – Iran – Turkmenistan – Kurdistan – Kuwait – Azerbaijan – Bahrain – Russia – India – Qatar – Dubai – China – Thailand – Singapore – Japan – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Romania – Moldavia – Slovenia – Armenia – Slovakia – Ukraine – La Reunion – Kazakhstan – Hungary – Montenegro – Albania – Libya – Greece – Bulgaria – Turkey – Cyprus – Lebanon – Cameroon – Mauritius – Netherlands – Antilles – Serbia – Armenia.