Oranges, mandarin oranges, chinotto (Citrus myrtifolia), limes, lemons, grapefruits, bergamots, clementines, cedro (Citrus medica) and so on. Our Sicilian nurseries are the home of all citrus trees.


Small size, large-scale distribution
Our ornamental citrus trees with hanging fruits are dwarf plants destined mostly for mass market retail. These are very popular species, especially in countries of Northern Europe.

Gourmet Line
Our cultivation system allows us to produce ornamental plants with edible fruits to enhance the flavour of fine dishes. This is a bonus that makes our plants even more sought after. Contact us and discover our Gourmet Line: citrus trees with edible fruits. They are accompanied by gourmand recipes specially created by the chefs of the restaurant Donna Carmela.

Standard fuori standard.
From greenhouses to seedbeds, our plants grow in a regularly monitored and controlled environment: the production cycle is developed in structures that are protected by insect nets to ensure the highest phytosanitary standard without damaging the ecosystem and following sustainability guidelines.


This is a large-scale production.
Dedicated in particular to the farmers who live in southern Italy and to the agricultural producing countries throughout the world. It is designed for citrus groves and the production of wholesale fruits.

All kinds of Citrus tree, in complete security
We specialise in propagating and growing certified citrus for fruit groves. Our certified parent plant field supplies disease-free plants which are always available and can be delivered anywhere.

Certified quality.
As well as being checked by our own agronomists, our citrus trees are also subject to strict monitoring by the regional phytosanitary service – as part of the Certification Programme for fruit plants in Italy. Each individual plant is therefore a quality-certified product with a phytosanitary guarantee. This gives future protection for all your production.